Unfrazzle at mHealth Summit

Hot on the heels of Unfrazzle’s public announcement at the Health 2.0 conference, and presentation at an Aging 2.0 meetup, we’ve been invited to participate in another great conference.

Unfrazzle will be featured in the EngAGE Pavilion, organized by AARP and Aging 2.0, at the upcoming mHealth Summit in Washington DC (Dec 3-5, 2012). The pavilion “will showcase engaging and innovative wellness and lifestyle companies serving the 50+ market.”

Unfrazzle resonates strongly with all of the pavilion’s themes:
- Connected Independence (In the home)
- Rethinking the Everyday
- Engaging the Family
- De-Stressing the Caregiver
- From Sick-Care to ‘Health’-Care, and Wellness

If you’re in DC, come talk with us under the Unfrazzle sign.


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