Unfrazzle App

Unfrazzle, a new app for iPhone and Android, helps to uncomplicate the lives of caregivers by providing mobile task management and coordination for family caregivers – it helps caregivers remember and track the full range of their caregiving tasks, and stay in-sync with other caregivers.

Unique in the caregiving market, Unfrazzle focuses on easing the mental burden of everyday caregiving. It provides unprecedented flexibility to help users remember and track their day-to-day caregiving tasks; and connectivity, with rich privacy controls, with co-caregivers to keep everyone in-sync.

Unfrazzle users can invite family members and others to join their Unfrazzle network and they can assign different tasks to their co-caregivers.


Because multiple caregivers are often involved, Unfrazzle makes it easy to keep everyone informed and to coordinate shared tasks. Unfrazzle helps users remember and keep track of medications, exercises, chores, observations, appointments, … anything. And, Unfrazzle enables co-caregivers to see each other’s activities to stay constantly connected.

More than an app, Unfrazzle is also a networking, information service for caregivers. Through it’s website, blog, Facebook page, Twitter feed, YouTube channel, Pinterest board, and participation in live and online events, Unfrazzle seeks to educate and connect caregivers, to let them know they are never alone and that counseling and help is always available.

Unfrazzle is developed by Bhageera Inc, led by Rajiv Mehta. Bhageera Inc provides consulting services to help companies evaluate and commercialize radical innovation, with a focus on consumer health innovations.

Unfrazzle is currently unavailable.