TIME for Us to Rise UP Against Absurdly High Health Care Costs?

Steven Brill Discusses his TIME cover story on PBSNewsHour

Why does health care cost so much? Can anyone explain the irrationality of the health care system?

In a blockbuster cover story for TIME magazine, journalist and entrepreneur Steven Brill traces 8 hospital bills to find out “whose getting what money, whose making the profit.”

How did we get to a place, he asks, where hospitals charge their patients $77 for a box of guaze pads that cost $1 at the neighborhood drug store?

How can a hospital charge you thousands of dollars for a CAT scan that costs them nothing?

Why are the poorest people who don’t have health insurance charged the most?

Why didn’t the Affordable Care Act (Obamacare) do anything to address these costs, which are driving so many Americans into bankruptcy?

If you haven’t already bought this issue of TIME magazine you can read Steven Brills’s article online for free.

After reading the article, if you are outraged like I am, I urge your to call or email your Representative in Congress and your U.S. Senators. 

To find your Representative’s email address, click here

For U.S. Senators, click here

–David Bunnell


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