Three Ways to Track Your Mood

There are many ways of tracking your mood, and you can use Unfrazzle’s flexibility to create a mood journal that fits your interest.  In this tutorial, we show you three simple solutions. If you like you can create much more elaborate mood trackers.*

A List of Descriptions

Create a journal “My Mood Journal”, with a single attribute: a list of words or phrases to describe your mood.

Your list could consist of phrases: Raring to go; It’s a good day; Can’t complain; Not so good; Cruddy

Or a list of adjectives: Happy, Sad, Hopeful, Angry, Inspired, Worried, etc.

These images show the main journal description, the list definition (for the phrases above), and an example entry.

Note: You can always add a descriptive note (“Went shopping!” in example below.)


A Simple Scale

Create a journal “How I’m Feeling,” with a single attribute: a scale of 1–5 for sad-to-happy.

These images show the main journal description, the scale definition, and an example entry.


A Two-Axis Scale

Some like to measure both their current level of feeling unpleasant–pleasant, and how much energy they have. For example, low-energy might be matched with unpleasantness (if you’re bored) or pleasantness (if you’re serene).

Create a journal “2D Mood”, with two scale attributes. One scale of 1–10 for unpleasant–pleasant, titled “How are you feeling?”. And another scale of 1–10 for low–high, titled “What is your energy level?”

These images show the main journal description, the two scale definitions, and an example entry.


*To learn more about measuring and tracking your mood, read “Get Your Mood On” by Alexandra Carmichael and Robin Barooah.


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