107 Year-Old Veteran Honored in Washington

Richard Overton
RICHARD OVERTON IS 107-YEARS-OLD. He lives independently in the house he built in the 1950′s. In the mornings he drinks a little whiskey in his coffee before going outside to trim trees, help take care of the neighbor’s horses or sweep driveways.

“I aways stay busy,” he says, “and I don’t watch television.” 

On Sundays, Richard starts up his 1978 Ford pickup truck and takes his 90-year-old girl friend to church. 

He takes a daily aspirin and smokes 12 cigars a day.

Richard’s secret to longevity, though, is not about diet or physical activity, it has to do with staying safe.

“Stay out of trouble, I guess, tend to your own business, don’t somebody gonna kill you now, they shootin’ at everybody now, every night, they shootin’ somebody, so you gotta be careful,” he says.

Richard Overton happens to be America’s oldest living World War II veteran. He was at Pearl Harbor the day of the Japanese attack and participated in the Battle of Okinawa.

President Barack Obama honored him during a Veterans Day ceremony at Arlington National Cemetery this morning. The former member of the Army’s Aviation Engineer Battalion also had breakfast with the commander-in-chief and others who served in the military.

On this Veterans Day, we salute Richard Overton.

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