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button_16 Unfrazzle keeps track of your day-to-day caregiving tasks,
and lets you share some or all of them. button_16You decide which tasks
to track, which to assign, and Unfrazzle does the rest.
button_16Flexible reminders allow you to schedule one-time or on-going events.

button_16 Unprecedented privacy controls protect your data. You decide
who gets to see what. button_16 Because Unfrazzle keeps everyone in sync,
you can always check-in to make sure assigned tasks are completed.

button_16 Unfrazzle is compatible with iPhones, iPads and Android devices.

button_16Unfrazzle is Free!


Unfrazzle Android Link

Unfrazzle iPhone (iPad) Link


U N F R A Z Z L E  E X P L A I N E D