How Unfrazzle Handles Different Time Zones

If you travel to different time zones, or if you are connected to Unfrazzle family members who are in different time zones, you need to know how Unfrazzle deals with time zones. But don’t worry about “time zone math”, Unfrazzle keeps it simple. Three important things:

  1. You specify your time zones in Settings, under “Time Zone of Schedules”.
  2. When you schedule events in a journal description, those events will happen at the scheduled time in your specified time zone.
  3. Events are subsequently displayed in the time zone where you or your family member happens to be located.

To be clear, let’s look at Edwin who lives in New York City, but sometimes travels. He also has Unfrazzle family members who live in Wyoming and Hawaii.

How Edwin has setup Unfrazzle

In his Settings, “Time Zone of Schedules” is set to “UTC-5 New York” He has a Journal “Daily Walk”, with a scheduled of everyday at 4 pm. When Edwin is in NY, he sees that his Daily Walk is scheduled to occur at 4 pm.

 Edwin flies across the country

Let’s say Edwin is flying across the country. While still in NYC, he sees that on Feb 6 he entered a walk at 4:17 pm, and future walks are scheduled at 4 pm each day. When he’s changing planes at O’Hare Airport in Chicago, his phone changes to Central Time Zone. In Unfrazzle his future walks are displayed as 3 pm (4 pm back in NYC). Similarly his Feb 6th walk is displayed as having happened at 3:17 pm. When he arrives in California, he is in the Pacific Time Zone. So, his future walks are displayed as 1 pm (4 pm back in NYC). If he wants his walks to actually happen at 4 pm in San Francisco, he simply changes the “Time Zone of Schedules” to be “UTC-8 San Francisco”.

What Edwin’s family sees

This is what Edwin sees in NYC. An entry for a walk on Feb 6th at 4:17 pm, and future walks at 4 pm each day. When his sister in Jackson Hole, in the Mountain Time Zone, looks at Edwin’s events, she sees the same information displayed as 2:17 pm and 2 pm respectively. His brother in Honolulu, in the Hawaii Time Zone, sees the same information as 11:17 am and 11 am respectively. Before he sets off for lunch, he can check to see if Edwin has completed his walk. If Edwin has not, he can call to remind him.



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