How to Set Unfrazzle User Access Permission (Privacy) Levels

Unfrazzle gives you a lot of control over how much access other family members have to your data. To understand your options, let’s look at the situation of Maya and Miguel (the family introduced in our Getting Started videos).

Maya and her husband Miguel are both using Unfrazzle. When Maya connects to another person in Unfrazzle, she gets to decide how much access to her own information she gives to the other person. For each specific journal, she can also choose to override that access level, giving less or more.

When Maya chooses one of the the four access levels — None, View, Enter, and Modify — she is deciding which functions Miguel is able to do, as explained in the chart below.

When Maya invited Miguel to connect, she gave him “Enter” access — by default Miguel would get Enter level access to all of Maya’s journals.


For each specific journal, Maya can choose to override this default “Enter” access, giving him less access (“None” or “View”) or more (“Modify”).


 What Miguel can do — depending on access Maya has given to Miguel
Functions None View Enter Modify What Maya can do
See Maya’s journal names No Yes Yes Yes Yes
See Maya’s past and future events
(including history)
No Yes Yes Yes Yes
Make and edit Maya’s event entries No No Yes Yes Yes
Edit Maya’s journals No No No Yes Yes
Create a new journal for Maya No No No Yes Yes
Assign Maya’s journals No No No No* Yes

* If Miguel creates a journal for Maya, that new journal is automatically assigned to Miguel. Maya can then re-assign if she chooses.

Some functions are reserved for Maya; her family members do not have any access to these. Only Maya can manage her family connections, deciding who she connects with and what level of access she grants them. And only Maya can choose who she assigns her journals to.

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