Frequently Asked Questions
My journals, events, family members aren’t updating properly. What should I do?
There are two steps you can take if you feel your data (journal descriptions, event entries, reminders, family connections, etc.) is not current.
Step 1. Under Settings tap “Sync Now”. If this fixes the problem, you’re done.
Step 2: If Step 1 did not resolve the problem, under Settings tap “Erase Local Unfrazzle Data”. This will erase your local data and bring you to the Sign In screen. Sign in again with your username and password. Unfrazzle will restore all your data. After a few minutes, your data will be current.
How do I create journals? How do I modify/delete journals?
To create a journal, in the Journals section tap the “+” on the upper right of the screen. The specify a name, and optionally more information (schedule, a description, attributes, etc.), then tap “Done”.
To modify a journal, tap on that journal in the Journals section. Tap “Done” after you have made the changes.
To delete a journal, tap on that journal in the Journals section. Scroll to the bottom, and tap the “Delete Journal” button.
How do I enter an unscheduled event?
You can enter an unscheduled event (for example an entry in your “Food Journal”) from either the Journals screen or the Events screen.
On the Journals screen, scroll to find the appropriate journal (“Food Journal”) and tap on the green “+” on its left.
On the Events screen, tap the “+” on the upper right of the screen, select the appropriate journal (“Food Journal”) and tap “Next”.
How do I modify/delete an entered event?
Tap on the event that you want to modify or delete, then tap “Edit”. To modify the entry, make changes to the completion time, the attributes, and/or the note and tap “Done”. Or to delete the entry, tap the “Delete Event” button at the bottom.
How do I include activities for people I care for who aren’t using Unfrazzle?
There are two ways to do this: (1) add their needs to your own list of journals (best if there are only a few such items); or (2) create an account for them (best if their needs are more extensive).
For example, if you have a pet cat (“Spot”) and only need to remember Spot’s monthly flea medicine, you could create a journal “Spot: Flea medicine” in your own list of journals. You can manage this journal and its events just the same as your other journals.
On the other hand, if you are caring for someone (“Aunt Rose”) with many items on her care regimen (several medications to remember, symptoms to track, etc.), it will likely be easier if you create and manage an account for that person. To do so, in the Family section, tap on the “+”, choose “New Member”, and create an account for Aunt Rose. You will automatically have “modify” access to Aunt Rose’s account, and so can create journals and make entries for Aunt Rose from your own account. If you want to connect Aunt Rose to other family members or assign Aunt Rose’s journals to other family members, you will need to sign in to Aunt Rose’s account first.

How do I adjust for time zones?

Unfrazzle makes it easy to travel across time zones, and to coordinate with family members living in other time zones. See Unfrazzle & Time Zones.


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