Example Journal: 7-Minute Workout

There are countless exercise routines. The one described here was featured in a New York Times story “The Scientific 7-Minute Workout“. It features 12 simple exercises, requiring no equipment other than a chair, that are to be performed in a rapid sequence. Each exercise is to be performed vigorously for 30 seconds, followed by a 10 second rest.

The main journal description. The description field is used for basic instructions. There are twelve attributes for the twelve steps, starting with “Jumping jacks” and ending with “Side plank”. The information extends beyond a single screen, as indicated by the yellow shading:

The “Jumping jacks” attribute is described as an Amount, with a unit of “number”, as the user may want to record how many jumping jacks were performed. The attributes for “Push-up”, “Abdominal crunch”, “Step-up onto chair”, “Squat”, “Triceps dip on chair”, “High knees running in place”, “Lunge” and “Push-up and rotation” are set up similarly.

The “Wall sit” attribute is described as an Amount, but without a unit or default amount. The attributes for “Plank” and “Side plan” are set up similarly.

The resulting Event Entry screen. Again, the information extending beyond a single screen is indicated by the yellow shading:

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