How to Create Single or Multiple Journals for Keep Tracking of Your Meds (or other Activities)

SOME CARE ACTIVITIES are done at the same time.  In Unfrazzle, you can either create a single journal for this group of activities (e.g. “Evening Meds”), or create separate journals for each of the individual activities (e.g. “Aspirin”, “Fosinipril”, etc.)

Here we show three examples of grouped activities: “Evening Meds”, “Neck Pain Therapy”, and “Morning Routine”. The pros & cons of using a single journal versus multiple journals are discussed after the first example.

Evening Meds

Suppose you have to take three medications each evening at 9:30 pm: Aspirin, Fosinipril, and Simvastatin.

If you created separate journals for each of the medications, these images show what you would see on the Events screen, and one of the event detail screen (in this case for Aspirin).


On the other hand, you could create a single journal for “Evening Meds.” In the journal’s description, you’d use three amount attributes to describe the three medications. Then, you’d see these images on the Events screen, and the event details screen.



The benefits of creating separate journals for each item (eg Aspirin, Fosinipril, Simvastatin) are:

  • See each item listed clearly in the Events screen.
  • Each item can have its own schedule, and each schedule can be adjusted independently. For example, this makes it easier to manage if one item is done twice a day, while another is only once a day.

The benefits of creating a grouped journal (eg Evening Meds) are:

  • See only one item in the Events screen — the screen is less cluttered, and you only have to tap one checkmark.
  • Easily change the reminder for the group — say you want to now take your evening meds at 10 pm – rather than having to change individually in each of the separate journals.

Neck Pain Therapy

Suppose you are given a set of exercises to do for your aching neck. There are four activities you have to do in sequence: rolling your shoulders forward and backwards, stretching your chest, and icing your neck. It seems natural to group these into one journal.

In this example, the journal description for “Neck Pain Therapy” uses four amount attributes.



Morning Routine

Suppose you wanted to keep track of how you are feeling each morning. You may want to note how well you slept and for how long, your mood, and what you’re looking forward to doing that day.

You could create a “Morning Routine” journal, and describe four attributes: a scale attribute for how well you slept; an amount attribute for how much sleep you got; a list attribute to describe your mood; and a text attribute to note what you’re looking forward to.




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