How to Create a Shared Family Caregiver Bulletin Board


When several people are jointly taking care of someone, it is helpful to have a common place to leave notes — a “bulletin board”. This allows everyone to know what has happened before, and to share their observations.

It is easy to create a journal for such notes in Unfrazzle. Basically you create a journal for such notes in the account of the person being cared for, and give all the connected family members “Enter” access permission.

Let’s look at the fictional family described in the “Unfrazzle in Action” video (below), in which Mary is cared for by Sue, Bill and Anka. 

In Mary’s account, they created a journal called “Family Notes”, and made sure that Sue, Bill and Anka all had at least “Enter” access. The journal description also includes a list Attribute, with a name “Entered by” and the choices Anka, Bill and Sue. The three caregivers (Anka, Bill and Sue) are now able to leave notes in Mary’s account, that they can all see. Of course, Mary can also use this to jot down notes that everyone can see.Here we see some of the key screens. The main journal description screen for “Family Notes”. A screen showing the description of the “Entry by” list attribute. An example of an event entry. And the main Events screen showing a couple of Family Notes entries.



Unfrazzle in Action


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