Caregiver Stories: It’s OK to Ask for Help! (Film by Tommy Whitelaw)

THIS WONDERFUL VIDEO by our friend Tommy Whitelaw features the caregiving stories of several caregivers, all of whom wish they had asked for help sooner than they did.

It was shot in Glasgow, Scotland, but the message is universal.

Many caregivers (“carers” as Tommy calls them) become isolated and alone in their struggle to care for someone else. They don’t realize help is available, that there are many resources and people who will help if you only ask.

For 7 years Tommy cared for his mom, Joan, who had dementia (she died in September, 2012). “Caring for mom,” he says, “was a full time occupation. It was the toughest experience of my life and for the first 5 years I did this entirely alone.”

“Yes we had friends,” he continues, “but slowly loneliness and isolation took their place, leaving us both to struggle to cope. It was not until I reached absolute crises that I found myself on the phone, asking for help. Looking back, I wish I had picked up the phone sooner.”

“Asking for help, it’s OK to ask.”

Tommy has made it a mission to raise awareness of dementia and the issues facing carers. In 2011, he walked across Scotland to meet people who had similar experiences with dementia.

If you are a caregiver and need some help, you might start by reading our article, “Reduce Caregiver Stress, Save Time with 10 Caregiving Services.

Also by Tommy Whitelaw: Dementia: The 8-Minute Film that took 5 years of a Broken Heart to Make

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